Welcome to our On-Line pencil sharpener store.

We are located in Holland, and we have a wide range of top quality different pencil sharpener available for customers worldwide.

We specialize in Die-cast and souvenir Pencil sharpeners

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our one-liner Pencil sharpener shop.

We accept payments by all major credit cards via Pay Pal and EU Bank Transfer (IBAN). We appreciate feedback and would love to hear from you. If you have any questions regarding our online Pencil sharpener shop, please feel free to get in touch.

   Random pictures of different samples of pencil sharpeners. 

Die-cast Pencil sharpeners

  French horn Die-cast pencil sharpener

Knight armour die-cast pencil sharpener

Thomas Jefferson die-cast pencil sharpener

 French Horn

 Knight Armour

 Thomas Jefferson

Souvenir Pencil sharpeners  

 Hong Kong Dragon souvenir pencil sharpener

 Dutch windmill souvenir pencil sharpener

 Vietnamese women souvenir pencil sharpener

Hong Kong Dragon

Dutch Windmill

 Vietnamese Women

Resin Pencil sharpeners     

 Humming bird resin pencil sharpener

 Clown in car resin pencil sharpener

 Sailor resin pencil sharpener

 Humming Bird

 Clown in Car


 E.M.B. Marti pencil sharpeners

  Play-me pencil sharpeners

 Play-me color

EMB Marti beer barrel pencil sharpener

Misha Olympic mascot Moscow metal miniature Pencil sharpener 

Play-me Kerosene Stove pencil sharpener

 Beer barrel

Olympic Mascot  

Kerosene stove