EMB Marti Spain

These pencil sharpeners are from the early 70's and were made in Spain. They are more detailed and usually heavier then the Hongkong made sharpeners,  which were produced in later years. These Pencil sharpeners have not been made anymore for decades.

EMB-Marti # 1004

Knife sharpener

SK3707 No box
EMB-Marti # 1006

Espresso machine

SK1011 No box
EMB-Marti # 1010

Letter balance

SK2806 No box
EMB-Marti # 1014

Coffee grinder

SK1002 No box
EMB-Marti # 1018

Mantel clock

SK0811 No box
EMB-Marti # 1020

Microscope with mirror

SK2115 No box
EMB-Marti # 1044

The Phrygian goddess of fertility, sitting on a chariot pulled by two lions

SK2106 No box