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These figures were developed

Only a horse after Stuttgart coat of arms animals, which was supplemented 1965 by an ape, developed, which was called on Swabian Äffle and Pferdle. In the course of the years the two figures developed; if their action was limited at first to a small scene, a players profited increasingly from the amusing interaction of the two. Also the surrounding field of the Äffle and Pferdle Einspieler changed, at the beginning of black-and-white and only with music underlaid, became colored both for end of the 60's and began some years later to speak. For this draughtsman Armin long borrowed also his voice to them. It lay near that the two figures Swabian should speak in place of high German, although long was no Swabian, but Bavarian. Also their appearance became increasingly more manlike. Due to their large popularity occasionally also somewhat longer a players were produced, among other things several, with which the two indication trick figures sang. Their oats and Bananenblues are most well-known, in addition, their version of the Swabian railway is well-known. Center of the 1980er years associated with both Swabians still the cure-Palatinate dog lady Schlabbinchen, spoken of the actress Elsbeth Janda. The Pferdle was besides the Maskottchen of the track-and-field events European championship 1986 in Stuttgart. After the death of Armin long 1996 brought its production company out first further spots, which were synchronized by Peter Barkow and further also by Elsbeth Janda. In the year 2001 the radio broadcasting corporation in South-West Germany stopped however the production of new a players with reference to the large number of the existing spots and the production costs. Also the death of Janda in the year 2005 was for the SWR a reason to do further without new a players. The existing spots are shown further in the commercial television, however because of the incomes from advertising lost thereby ever more rarely. 2004 appeared all between 1960 and 1999 produced

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